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Nil Comí, Barcelona

Art Director

Hello! My name is Nil Comí and I was born in Barcelona but I grew up in Sitges, where I currently live. Since I was a child I noticed that everything related to art, innovation and creativity is what I liked and was what really inspired me.

Hence, I decided to study Graphic Design at BAU School of Design in Barcelona. Moreover, I took part in Erasmus + exchange program which I completed at William de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Living in Rotterdam was a great experience as I have meet new people all around the world and I have taken part in new interesting projects.

Definitely it has been an important time of my life regarding both academic and personal development. In addition, I had an internship at Delivering Happiness, the second company of Zappos from EEUU, helping them among other things to create videos, branding and magazines.

Currently I’m working at PlayGround as an Art director, we are creating digital content helping brands to connect with world.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Affter Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Cinema 4D

Pro level Keynote

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